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Udi Mann

Co Founder  / CEO

An Israeli architect, interior designer and project manager with extensive experience in developing and marketing CAD (computer aided design) software, and a broad business background following his establishment of several business ventures including Kanbonim, a planning system for easing the building process for individuals building their own homes. 

Michael Werman

Co Founder / CTO

A professor of Computer Science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a leading expert on computer vision and graphics who has published more than 100 scientific papers in the field.  He has served as a consultant to a number of Israeli hi-tech companies in Israel and abroad, including Microsoft, Sportview and Avid. Professor Werman has also conducted post-doctorate work at Harvard, Princeton, MIT and the University of Minnesota.

Shai Waisel


Shai Waisel, VP R&D  is an experienced R&D team leader and algorithm and 3d developer.
Former founder  CEO and CTO in several startups: Fusion Laser, Scan Direct,  GraphiTech ltd. Cardo Credit Signatures Ltd:, (Shanghai),  WonderNet Ltd

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Uzi Apel

Technologies and Engineering Consultant

Uzi has held senior positions in the high-tech industry. Mechanical engineer, worked as head of research and development at Raphael. And has extensive experience in the development of electro-optical systems. Uzi was involved in marketing Israeli technologies abroad. And was involved as a partner and entrepreneur in a number of startups.


iSite Is developing a revolutionary Personal Space Digitizer called iSite for the construction industry. The iSite is a camera and Lidar-based accurate 3D scanner for medium-range scans.
Creating an accurate 3d model of space is a fundamental and crucial step toward implementing applications in many industries.
A few examples of those applications are:

  • Creation of an accurate 3d model.

  • Projection of architectural plans and 3D models, like BIM models, on the space using a mixed reality visor.

  • Easy communication and transmission of digital data between everybody involved in the project, like Plans, documentation, and execution reports. Required changes etc.

  • Control of the workflow of a project in real-time will improve project management.

  • Identifying deviations from the executed job compared to the original plans will prevent mistakes and unnecessary rework.

  • Early and easy identification of conflicts between the working plans and the designated space.

  • Identification of items using AI and marking their exact designated location on the structure for easy, accurate, and quick installation.

  • Presenting the installation protocol and supervising its execution.

These applications and many others are especially useful when constructing structures, like buildings or ships.
They are primarily instrumental while maintaining and marketing the existing building.

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